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Originally Posted by Fatrusty View Post
I used to have a locksmith service and used to recommend a hard wired system.. not any more. I purchased a SimpliSafe system wireless system and am very happy with it. No hard wires, No long term contract. Can be installed in 30 minutes and you can use your smart phone. You own it and can move it if you do. Cost me $400 for everything and It is month to month for monitoring @ $23.. Highly recommend it!

If you PM me I might be able to get you a discount with my referral...
I like my SimpliSafe system as well. Better than my ADT system that I was locked into. BUT, it's still just a noise maker.

I'm still physically and mentally prepared, in case someone breaks in while I'm home, to protect my family. I'm not going to depend on anyone else.
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