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Holy Thread Resurrection, indeed! Sorry for the slow response, but there's no way (that I know of) to tell when someone else comments on the thread or responds to one's posts.

That being said, as previously stated, the dealer told me there is/was a cold temperature sensor and I have no reason not to believe him nor any reason to make it up. As my mom will tell you, I'm an honest guy. Also, as someone else noted, the manual says not to raise or lower it in sub-freezing temperatures. It's all about protecting the hydraulics. But apparently BMW decided the protection was no longer necessary. Maybe global warming. Regardless, my sensor was removed and the top will go up and down on command. Possibly even in Alaska

Originally Posted by rads View Post
Holy Thread Resurrection!

I seem to be having a problem with my convertible roof when the temperature drops below 0 centigrade.

This quote from page one of the thread seems to describe pretty much exactly what I am experiencing, but it is the only scrap of evidence I can find anywhere on the web which suggests the presence of a cold temperature sensor for the roof.

Has anyone else experienced this, or point me towards anymore info?

Over the last couple of days my experience has been as follows:
Temperature Roof Operation
+1 C open
-2 C Stuck - red light on button when trying to close but no movement, no noise, no window drop etc. *1
0 C Closed Nornmally
-1 C Refused to open, symptoms as per *1
+0.5 Opened normally
+0.5 Closed normally

Looks like an open and shut case () but there was, of course, some driving in between the steps, and the boot was opened and closed so there could be other factors. That said, when the roof first failed to close, I did try slamming the boot several times and the roof still did not work.

So in summary, E46 roof temperature inhibit switch, true or false.

'03 M3 convertible, in the UK
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