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Great thread. Items of note:

God please tell me you did not pay $240 plus shipping for a plastic valve cover cover, PLEASE!

Mango freaks about Tow hook, Hood and Ski Rack, fails to notice red/orange angel eyes.

Don't go to a shop that has a great rep from performing alignments on classic american cars, cause like, classic american cars all have 0 camber!

It gave me chills to hear about this shop, because I've experienced idiots like this in Town Fair Tire, etc and they are all the same, trying to scam you into an "Alignment" that makes your car worse after than it was going in!

I hate it so much, I now perform "driveway" alignments myself just by eyeing the front wheels against the fender and rear of the car and adjusting the tie rods. Works like a charm! Just takes like 40 tries to dial it in..arrrgh.
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