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Originally Posted by turnerk2 View Post
yeah ima do that this coming week, it looks pretty nasy down there, not lookin fwd to tearing all the other stuff away to get to it.. if/when u did yours did u use rtv or gasket alone?
No RTV needed for that one, gasket alone is fine. I just did mine about 4-6 weeks ago and it was a bit of a job. The old gasket was so brittle and cracked that I couldn't get it out with the filter housing on, needed to remove the coolant hoses and take it out of the engine bay to get a good angle and good light to get it out. Prior to my fixing it, the oil was leaking about a quart every 2-3 weeks, which is pretty massive. Afterwards, I thought it was still leaking because I was still seeing oil. But in reality, there was so much oil all over everything down there, that it was old oil still dripping to the ground. After a few days of driving it cleared up completely and not a drop now. Overall, maybe 4-5 hours, nothing extremely difficult to get to, and well worth the time.
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