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Shopping for a laptop, need advice

So having started the go-kart track, my focus has been so far off of technology for the past few years now that I feel very un-nerdy on the latest technology. In a nutshell, I'm looking for a pretty powerful laptop that would hopefully have decent battery life. Historically, I've waited for a very nice e-coupon code to come around for HP, and customized a nice one. I've had good luck with every HP I've purchased, the last one made it 5 years before the monitor cable broke and I effed it up trying to fix it myself. Anyways, here's what I'd be looking for:

-Something that won't shite itself when I ask it to do some video editing. This is key for me. Right now both my older laptop (still plug it into my TV occasionally) and my new POS cheapy work laptop cry mercy when I throw a few go-pro videos together. I do a lot of video editing for fun, and a TON of photoshop work for work. Sometimes working with big files.
-I'm not sure how much I'd appreciate higher screen resolution? I've never had anything higher than 1366x768. Is it worth it?
-Are the new SSD computers the ones that boot up in seconds? I would prefer that, but also dig my hard drive space since I will come home from a race with 50 gigs of go-pro footage. If what I'm thinking is correct, maybe find a laptop with a 32gb SSD and a 1tb hdd?
-The better the battery life without having an uncomfortable giant battery, the better.

So, I think Lenovo is a decent brand nowadays, yes? Are they worth it over HP? Can anyone explain the difference between the Y and W series? Here's two I've been looking at:


Thanks in advance for your help!

Oh, and budget of $1000-1500

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