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Originally Posted by Zell View Post
1. See post #12

2. Prove to me that they're better somehow. It's such a stupid topic, change your oil every 7500-10k with some LL-01 and it's fine.


If you live in Europe, get any LL-04 oil.

Or even better, go to the dealership and say "Hey, what oil do you guys use when people get oil changes here?" It's so ****ing simple, there's no point in cluttering this forum with the same dumb question.

If you want to argue the pointless argument of "Which LL-01 oil is better," go to Bob's The Oil Guy, where absolutely no conclusion is ever made.

Just. Choose. One.
You can start by proving why BMW synthetic is better since you made the first claim of "better", and you can also explain why you made it a point to say it was better if you "change your oil every 7500-10k with some LL-01 and it's fine."

or you can just be more humble and stop posting when you make bold statements that end up being wrong in most situations.

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