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Well here's what the law is in MA

d) Lighting Devices and Reflectors. All lighting devices and reflectors required by applicable Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards or part 393. of Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations for all commercial motor vehicles when the particular vehicle was originally manufactured and such devices required by Massachusetts General Law or Rules and Regulations applicable to the particular vehicle inspected shall be securely attached to the vehicle and capable of performing their design functions. Lenses must be intact, clean, unobstructed, and free from cracks.
I would argue that a headlight with a repaired tab is still securely attached to the vehicle and capable of performing its designed functions. Due to the accident, it is no longer capable of performing its functions, so you should be entitled to a replacement headlight.

Was your car ever inspected with the broken tab? Did it pass? If so (and you have any way of proving that), I would use that to argue your position as well.

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