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Originally Posted by DeclanM3 View Post
I'd try fix up the level if possible. It will forever annoy you and no doubt people will comment on it

Also, it will completely fk your highbeam output as the high and low angle are adjusted together.

I don't even know if your headlight will adjust high enough to have a proper output with your projector at that angle. Be very careful when adjusting as you can easily break the adjustment if you go too high.
Mmmm. I have the Xenon's solenoid linked with the highbeam atm. So the Xenon will be properly aimed for the least.

The actual angle of the projector is correct. It parallel to the face of the headlight frame inside. The issue is the height of the FX-R there is not a lot of room left to dremel away to raise the entire projector. Facelift coupe headlights are relatively TINY!

It maybe possible. Its lightly glued in and some zip ties to further hold it to the frame right now. Maybe one day i'll get round to try and mount it higher.

The pic of the lens I don't think that was a aim'ed headlight. I just put everything together and IIRC all the adjusters had to be at the limit to take/put it back together.

At least right now a small aesthetic tradeoff for a 100x improvement in lighting.


Thats how much space is left in the frame. I guess the pegs can go then i can move the projector up maybe another 0.25cm however even right now the back of the projector is getting near the ceiling of the housing ...

Guess it was a big challenge going right too FX-R's and not a mini D2S

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