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I've got a Lenovo W520 that was $1500 after coupon from rdp330ci (member here on the forum) plus going through a corporate website, total of about 55% off MSRP I think. See what he has to offer.

It's well made, much more so than my previous Acer and better than any other modern Dell/HP I have used. The 1920x1080 screen kicks ass although I usually use a regular monitor plugged in. The keyboard is one of the most popular selling points - it's pretty nice .

Performance wise it doesn't hesitate when doing CAD, video editing on 1080p video or picture editing. I could even play BF3 either 1680x1050 high graphics or 1920x1080 medium/low graphics with 35+ fps but it's not ideal for the most intensive games like that. All this in a small enough 15.6" package. It is somewhat thick and blocky but that doesn't really matter. Also something I find important is that it doesn't get very warm if you aren't doing anything intensive, and stays very quiet. The CPU throttling does a good job of managing it. I've never fully tested battery life, but I could get 6-7 hours without even trying, and that was from a partial charge.

Anyway that's my input. I say go for he W530. I opted for a 500GB HDD with DVD/CD drive but you might look into a 128 or 256 SSD with 1TB HDD in the CD bay.

edit: I should also note that if you're into non-mainstream stuff, something like Sager might be worth looking into. There are other companies that do a similar thing. You basically spec all the parts you want and you can build some seriously powerful laptops, but quality is questionable.

Look at that subtle jet-black coloring. The tasteful thickness of it. Oh my God, it even has a 6mt.
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