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Originally Posted by wvBimmer3Series View Post
There's gotta be an end somewhere, right?
Good luck, hope that's it for both of us for at least a while!
lol. The Valve Cover Gasket, OFHG and left steering bellow is the last of the main issues that need to be remedied. The ofhg doesn't seem too hard of a fix from the diy videos I've seen, but I'm still not 100% comfortable working on this engine yet. Then, after those are completed might as well flush all the fluids. After that's done I can finally get to performance modding (and buying 17" rims)!

Originally Posted by BBBoy323i View Post
Hearing stories like this makes me happy my car doesn't have too many issues, it has issues that are manageable and mostly diyable, not critical issues either. Hopefully everything goes well, but when you buy an old bimmer with high miles, expect for most of the parts to be worn and in need of replacement.
It's not that I'm complaining, so I hope I don't come across that way. I like cataloging my 1st BMW experience. And I'm sure a lot of these issues would have been pointed out if I had brought the car in to get checked before I bought it (also would've meant paying even less for it) I honestly do love the car. It's just funny how I get one thing fixed and another problem pops-up. As long as no huge issues like the trans goes out on me *knocks on wood* then I'll be fine. I look at it this way: I got the car for cheap and even if I have to drop $1.5K-2k total to fix everything, that is fine with me.

Edit: I sold those 2 tires on eBay for $110 and the bent wheel to an online shop for $20 (better than nothing right?), so I'm awaiting a few exterior mods to arrive. I'll make a new thread in the XI section when I have everything installed.

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