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Originally Posted by E85head View Post

Has this system become true plug and play now? So that an average+ wrench turner can hook it up?
It depends on the skill level of your "average" wrench turner. The average install isn't acceptable to us, but you'll see the level of drivability, install quality, and fit and finish that this excellent ECU deserves from us. This ECU requires some sensors installed like any other, not sure if that's what you mean? Installing this is no harder than any other stand alone if you're familiar with that stuff.

It absolutely 100% works on this platform and we'll be happy to be showing the ins and outs of it, along with its industry standard flex fuel and traction control soon.

The ProEFI system has an excellent dealer network designed to help with install and tuning questions. It was an easy system to pick up and learn how to use and we've already used it on the E46m so it isn't new to us. When you go ProEFI, part of the value is in the excellent ECU and part of it is in that you are getting your car developed and tuned by extremely knowledgable tuners!

Remember guys, no ECU out there can overcome mechanical issues or be left to "self tune", it needs time into it to make it right!
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