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If you need reliability and do video editing, why not get a Macbook Pro?

I had an IBM thinkpad before the lenovo takeover and I loved it. I got a Lenovo after that and it was ATROCIOUS. It had an SSD but didn't perform like one. It also made some high pitched whining noise. The build quality was so bad that the keyboard didn't lay flat. These machines aren't what they once were.

Went with a Macbook Pro 17 in 2009 (chose over a Dell XPS 16) and never looked back. I am still satisfied with my macbook. I changed out the HDD for an SSD, put a scratch HDD in the optibay, and I don't see myself changing computers until this one won't boot.

All of my old PCs died within 3 years, but my Macbook is still going strong. No performance degradation thanks to the SSD/HDD combo.

Yes, the mabook was more expensive initially, but when you factor in the extra years you will get out of it, it's worth it. Apple also takes care of you if you are under warranty. Try that with Lenovo...there is no store to walk into, and you will likely deal with their Indian call center (I have nothing against Indian call centers, but Lenovo's sucks). I returned the Lenovo and it took over 100 calls and 6 months to get my money back.
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