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Originally Posted by hizhinezz View Post
For me... ^This.

Unless you are involved in criminal activity or live in a particularly high crime area, or a big target in general, what are the actual odds that you're going to have to defend yourself from intruders in your home? Perhaps I'm naive but I've lived in and around major cities almost my entire life and the only instances I've ever heard of this have involved people who were involved in shady dealings (and thus with shady people), extremely high profile or high net worth individuals who were big targets (pro athletes) or folks who came home and caught someone in the act, and in those cases every time I remember the suspect tried to flee...

I'd be much more concerned about someone breaking in and taking my firearm and using it to kill someone else, and I'd bet those odds are higher. Caveat: If I lived anywhere that might be considered remote I'd likely view differently and there are also wild animals to consider. I don't mean to redirect OP, fn shame, I'd be so pissed I'd go out and buy a flamethrower and stand in my backyard shotgunning beers and screaming for them to come back and try again...

But big mean dog that understands human intentions > firearm for me.

No win situation with scumbags really.
My family has like 3 gas stations, a bread factory, and a hardware store that we collect rent from. Most of our stations are in Riverdale, and College Park GA. So yeah, most of the people who have came into any of our stores either have held up a C-Store or gas station, or know of someone who has.

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