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I was going to try to sort out the sound of the car next. So this will be killing two birds with one rock.
I'll try it with the stock 325 muffler but I think the baffles are rusting out.
I'm gonna look into getting a ZHP muffler or some other quiet option.

Next plans:
Fix the cold start issue.
Try to find the reason for intermittent pinging.
Upgrade speakers, probably including a spare wheel sub.
Wrap the silver window trim black to finish the panda theme.

Wish list: (dreams that might turn into plans)
Build the low compression engine.
Respray non matching front fenders.
Retrofit heated seats (that won't be fun).
Replace some worn out interior pieces (maybe colour match the silver trim AW).
Get better gauges (probably mirror mounted).
Make a propper showroom forum post
Take the car to local dragstrip and spank some Hondas.
Because sleeper

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