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There is a lot of mis information going around about the E46 applicaition. I'll try and address the big ones quickly and briefly.

Cams - We can control both...just choose not to in the basic plug and play setup because it is a bit above the average user, and poses no real immediate benefits contrary to popular belief. This was proven by the back to back dyno's of the HPF cars at are facility with their kit "controlling" the cams, and the ProEFI leaving it to the stock ECU, and we still made more power EVERYWHERE.
THrottle - we can control this as well, again, just choose not to on the plug and play kit. Jasons M3 was running both cams and the throttle at the track at points.

Plug and Play - this kit is as plug and play as any kit on the market for ANY platform. Like Alex at FSR put it, there are varying degrees of what people consider easy, or correct. The plug and play kit for the M3 has the map sensor, fuel pressure sensor, boost control, AIT, wideband, and flex fuel sensors pre-wired. You still would need to wire in any additional fuel pumps etc... The system itself...plug and play!

FLex fuel and traction control - dialed in and comes in the base cal. Traction control requires no additional wiring except if you wish to install a switch to turn it off.

The issue with the Z4m has nothing to do with the cams.

Hope that helps!

FSR is an excellent company and they are VERY competant with the ProEFI ECU's!

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