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Way to stay on topic dude..

and op- yes you want and M3. I have test drove a few manuals and smg's and love them, but I could really tell some of the lower priced ones were beat by how they drove. Find one that you like at the price you can afford: rock and roll.

Originally Posted by Cayne23 View Post
The //m3 is the "ultimate driving machine". Seriously. I bought mine 2months ago. Its beautiful. Had to replace the release bearing. $22 part but did the whole clutch too. Wad told that a clutch replace job is the most labor intensive thing on tge car. 107000 miles on original clutch and it still had life to it best car i've ever owned. Hey Albanian....hows that turbo?? Lmao!!!! Those guys r f'in with u. U CANNOT put a diesel turbo on a gasoline motor. Oh ...and STOP using duct tape to cover tears in your seats. Just go buy new f'in seats. God....some ppl. Even Allah would tell u that lol oh and religion is a scam
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