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Most important, get car caught up on neglected maintanence if any and they just perform all scheduled maint when called for. A lot buy BmW's. but can't afford or neglect the maint required. Next thing they know there is an 800.00 repair bill. At the same time perform your own inspects regularly to catch potential problems. If you see or suspect one, visit here first before just jumping to the dealer. I think the most important thing a BMW owner can do, is learn and get to know your car. By the Bentley manual, read it like any other book. And don't be scared to take little thing off when curious like me. I need to know how it works in conjunction with other components. Look at every piece of rubber hose connection on it most of all the intake plumbing and vacume lines. That's just a start. Get up under her and see where everything is find out parts names and abbreviations, helps with diagnosis here and at mech. Immerse yourself into the life of the machine.
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