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Originally Posted by trippinbillies4 View Post
Sooooooo basically what I'm hearing is that opinions about laptops are about as diverse as they get, lol. I've had very good luck with my HP's, both lasted at least 5 years, and for me that's fine because by that time I would want new technology anyways.

The reviews I read on Lenovo tend to be pretty stout, so that's why I was considering them.

Aside from that, going to a Mac scares me because I know windows so well. Video editing is a fun thing for me, so it's not a primary huge concern. I do enough of it, but it's nothing majorly technical. I just got really frustrated when I tried to make a half hour long video of my 24-hour go kart race out of a bunch of little clips and it ate every machine I owned for lunch. What I do take seriously is Photoshop because I work in large formats sometimes, and it pisses me off at work when I'm trying to design a banner or something and I have to wait a minute for each little thing I click, haha. For Photoshop, I really don't see the benefit of going to a Mac because it's the same damn program.
The one consensus here is don't buy an HP, an Asus, or anything similar.

Buy something with above average build quality- like maybe a Lenovo.

Also the MBP hardware is top-class even if you run Windows, which they can easily accommodate. Whether or not the hardware quality is worth the price is totally up to you.

My MBP is abused and has been incredibly bulletproof.

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Get out and walk. Meet people.
It will change your life!
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It's ok, the world needs boring people
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