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Car pulls hard left and right when I go over uneven spots in road. Extreme when I'm driving approaching red light. I've also got the extreme front end vibration at lower speeds. The slower I go, the worse it gets. It actually vibrates so badly that the whole dash board vibrates inside the car! Changed out both front wheel hub assemblies to no avail.

The wheel pulling is ridiculous. I changed out a lot of front end suspension parts so I don't think I should be fighting the wheel. Could it be a bent or unbalanced front wheel?

Also, H&R Touring Cup kit feels like it doesn't absorb any road whatsoever. I expected a change but not this drastic i guess.

In the same day I did both hub assy, both tie rods, both sway bar assy, both control arms with bushings, H&R cup kit, slotted rotors, brake pads. You would think I would have a super car now but its far from it.

Any suggestions guys? I don't even want to drive my car anymore...

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