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Originally Posted by tock172 View Post
MacBook Pro or go home. I used both Dell and HP laptops for years before I got my first MacBook. The Dell was a nightmare and the HP was marginally better. I purchased my latest MacBook pro in April of 2010 and I still have AppleCare remaining. I spent close to $3k and I don't regret it one bit. I love this computer. The build quality trumps anything else on the market and almost 3 years later, mine is going strong. Not to mention if I ever experience any issues, I can take it straight to the Apple store for help in any major mall near me. Can't beat that. The anodized aluminum unibody design is incredible.

Edit: I forgot to mention, I paid $3k for my MBP in 2010 and the going price for my model is still $1200 or so. No other computer manufacturer can match that.

What it comes down to for me is very simple. I use this device almost every single day of my life. Why wouldn't I want it to be the best available?
Don't become a salesperson. I just said I've never had major issues with even my HP laptops within the time frame that I wouldn't want to replace them anyways. By the time they've failed, I've been ready for an upgrade. To me, that's completely acceptable. Hell, my first Compaq had a monitor cable issue, fixed that myself and gave it to my mom. Next HP was bullet-proof and bought a new one after 6 years, gave the old one to my now ex-gf, and it's still going strong as far as I know. My last HP laptop had a monitor cable issue too and I was the one that messed it up trying to fix it.

So, telling me spending $3k on a laptop because it's still working great for you three years later sounds insane to me, especially when I'd have to learn a new OS.

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