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Originally Posted by M3PTGSC View Post
Their main income is on parts sales...not sure if its 95% but its huge percentage
Roughly 15% of our gross sales came from HPF parts last year. That includes all HPF parts for all cars we provide parts for and the labor to install them on the cars that come to our shop. The other 85% came from our on-line sales of other companies products. We have 3.5 million parts on-line with around 14,000 people per day on our site. Our shop takes up 15,000 sq feet of our 21,000 sq feet total with 5 lifts and 4 techs total (ChrisK + Aaron + 2 contracted techs John Reed and DOC Race). We are going to be adding more techs and more lifts over the next couple months. We signed a new lease and get to spend a large sum of money on remodeling the shop so that is also coming up in the next month. We are doing more cars and more types of cars as we expand our product lineup to the newer generations and expand our business to include standard service work. We are also jumping into other makes as we have a long history with several other types of cars. We have a lot of exciting things still coming out for the E46 M3. I haven't spoken much on the forums but it's a pleasure to see what everyone is up to these days and see how our customers are doing. It always puts a smile on my face to see others enjoying what we've produced.

I'm glad Marcus brought up the comments about our product and our price point. Thanks Marcus. We have not raised our prices on our M3 products one bit over the past 6 years, and in fact we've lowered them on many occasions. One thing we continue to do however is to improve our kits and we continue to provide more options for them.

Marcus is right... we don't have a ton of money sitting around and we have to be very careful where we spend it. I've blown my load on the development costs on all of the products that we now offer and it's not going to be paid back until we sell lots and lots of them. When we get more money, we end up spending it on growth with more products and more expansion anyway.

We've altered the company as of recently and moved more people into growth. This has been wonderful for me as I am no longer the one talking about everything we're doing. KrisG has done a great job with our blog and facebook pages, Derek has been working with me on the web-site and even though we switched back to the old one there will be some very impressive changes coming soon, Russ is cleaning up the content on the site and will be restructuring where parts are, we hired Trevor to help CJ out with all the shipping and receiving. CJ is the air traffic controller that is in charge of making sure every part gets to every customer and he's done a fantastic job. We hired another tech Aaron (worked for GReddy and SP Engineering) to get trained up by our lead technician ChrisK who's been with HPF for nearly 5 years in the shop and has single handidly supported every HPF turbo kit customer on the road. Kristin is still amazing in accounting and has run our accounting for nearly 5 years as well. Kirk and Erik are kicking butt in sales.

Josh and I have moved our day to day activities into the call center and the service department with the rest of the staff. We have multiple phones, computers, desks, etc. He and I sit with everyone else now and it's really allowed us to make quite a difference. Being immersed in everything that's going on has allowed us to improve efficiencies and that's what we've been working on since the switch occurred. Josh is the best of the best. He's been with me now since the beginning of HPF nearly 12 years ago. I work every day but I don't need to be here and that's because I have 100% faith in every decision and every step Josh takes.

I'm glad everyone had a great time at this event, enjoyed their cars, and most importantly was safe and made it home safely.

Take care,

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