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Originally Posted by zhp43867 View Post
I had a person break into my house while I was there. They stole over $3k worth of things- they were mostly through by the time I woke up.

I did not shoot them and wouldn't if it happened again.

I'd rather have a camera system and have them ID'd after the fact.

It's easy to act all tough until you're in the situation where you could take another human life.

Somebody who threatens or inflict bodily harm it could be argued shouldn't be called a human.

Someone who steals things? Still human.
LOL have them ID'd later. You're hilarious.

So they steal something and get away. What says they arent going to come back?

There was a story about a homeowner who was robbed in Cleveland. The robber stole a TV, and left....but he left 1 window unlocked.

Homeowner noticed this and got his shotgun ready.

Guess what? Robber came back with a knife the next night. Dude blew his brains out.

Saying they are only coming for property is comical.

I can list the article when I get to my computer if you do desire.

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