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Originally Posted by zhp43867 View Post
I had a person break into my house while I was there. They stole over $3k worth of things- they were mostly through by the time I woke up.

I did not shoot them and wouldn't if it happened again.

I'd rather have a camera system and have them ID'd after the fact.

It's easy to act all tough until you're in the situation where you could take another human life.

Somebody who threatens or inflict bodily harm it could be argued shouldn't be called a human.

Someone who steals things? Still human.
Sorry but this is plain stupid. There are multiple occasions where me or someone in my direct family pulled out a gun because of a third person either following them, or trying to enter my house. If a thief finds something, they WILL be back. No doubt at all. Happened to someone I know. He was in the house hiding, and got robbed, and as they left, the left the basement door unlocked, and about 2 or so windows unlocked. And once you pull out a gun, make damage. Make sure they can't get vengeance. Take out their legs or arms or something.

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