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Originally Posted by zha50 View Post
Yeah. I will aim them tonight and see where the lenses sit.

There is a little more room to go up and it would be 100% like you said.

At the moment I just used some Selleys Quik Grip, only gap filling glue i had and its OK up to 130*c.

I might tackle it again this weekend. Did both headlights in a over-nighter so I guess not too bad effort!

I understand why people rave about this projector for the price. Light output is just brilliant.
Yeah it's a b!tch of a job but they provide epic output. My only complaint is that due to the cut off being so good they are crap when you're coming towards the bottom of a hill be it on the incline or decline you end up shooting light and the bottom of the hill. It's only for a split second though and you probably still have more light than most cars..

Having said that though, when I do mountain runs at night I use the high beams and FK me it's like that switch should be relabelled "Day time"

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