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Originally Posted by HPF Chris View Post
That is correct. We knew it would be more cost effective for us to close the doors to the shop side rather than to continue to operate it at a loss. We also knew that if I went into the shop and changed all of the processes that there was a potential our techs would leave. About a month ago I spent a week with my new desk and computer in the service department. After one week three technicians were gone and one remained. Those that quit have stopped by several times since then and are always welcome to come by and visit. We're very thankful to have retained ChrisK who has been here longer than all of our other techs and we are supplementing him with Aaron Van who worked for GReddy and SP Engineering, DOC Race (Pham and Tyler) and John Reed. We now have a strong base to build from and are now able to get cars done quicker and introduce more applications. We will be expanding the shop quite a bit in the next few months as we gear up for the next race season and will be hiring more techs as well.

Wait, you fired John, Joey and Champ?! Or they left? This is important to me (and I'm sure others)...

David may have been embezzling (shame on him) but people bought parts from him because they liked him, and he handled functions. I feel the same way about John/Champ and Joey (Chris K as well obviously).. everytime I stopped by the shop we'd all go out to eat (Kirk included) and hang out .. top notch guys.. many of us used HPF (not just because of the great product) but because of the awesome techs!
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