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Originally Posted by MarcusLSB View Post
Wait, you fired John, Joey and Champ?! Or they left? This is important to me (and I'm sure others)...

David may have been embezzling (shame on him) but people bought parts from him because they liked him, and he handled functions. I feel the same way about John/Champ and Joey (Chris K as well obviously).. everytime I stopped by the shop we'd all go out to eat (Kirk included) and hang out .. top notch guys.. many of us used HPF (not just because of the great product) but because of the awesome techs!
Thanks for the kind words about our staff. I know everyone loves them and that's why I'm so picky. I did not fire those three techs or push them out. They chose to quit on their own. They did a great job here for us and we were sad to see them go. We will still take you and our other customers out to lunch when you show up. ChrisK and everyone else is still here and now there are some new people here now that I hope you will all like.


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