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Originally Posted by KOpower View Post
BMW is 'bringing back the manual' - and trying to "keep it alive" -

The reviewer seems to prefer those whizzy dual clutch auto things over the manual????? -- I don't agree with the reviewer

Plus the manual did a 4.8 second or something 0 to 60 ! that's fab performance! I don't think those auto dual clutch things are that much faster??? Plus don't they need way more maintainence than standard manual transmission -

Everyone discuss the New M5 and if you are digging the manual tranny !
Yep, they are. Nissan GTR, Ferrari, Bugatti, Lamborghini, Mclaren, Le Mans Prototypes, Formula 1, etc... all use fully automated single or dual clutch transmissions because they are vastly faster and more intuitive than a standard manual transmission. Welcome to the year 2000.

Your claim of more maintenance is pretty insignificant in comparison to how complicated all the other parts of the new M5 are.

That said, it is nice that a standard manual transmission is offered. It brings the overall price of the car down, shows that BMW is putting an emphasis on performance, and gives something to the aging "purists" (and the hipsters) who still like to use a foot actuated clutch and manually engage each gear.

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