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Originally Posted by Rockyminator View Post
Holy crap John is gone? This is horrible news... He was an amazing tech and my go to guy when I would f%#k something up... This is a sad day
It was a sad week several weeks ago however I always find opportunities that present themselves when changes like this occur. John Truong did the tuning on the HPF M3's. Now John Reed does all the tuning. With this trade we now have the option of running any ECU we want on any car we want. We are now migrating our staged tune maps to all of the new options that are now available. John Reed was also quick to jump on the other projects we have in the shop that have been at a stand still like the HPF Turbo Z4M. Working with John Reed gives us the ability to bring products to market quicker and tunes to market much faster. He also provides a great training resource for the rest of our staff.

ChrisK is still in charge of getting every car dialed perfectly and he is a perfectionist. From every bolt nut and washer to every aspect of our turbo system, ChrisK makes sure every customer has a perfectly running car when it leaves our shop and afterwards as well. He provides many of the answers to everyones questions on the tech line and provides updates to the trouble shooting section on our web-site when new solutions to problems are found. He has been troubleshooting HPF M3's for the past 4 years both in our shop and out in customers hands and has helped us build a better product.

Ryan Champ has been replaced with Aaron Van. Aaron has a Degree with honors in Welding Technology from the University of Hawaii. He's a certified ASE technician worked for GReddy, SP Engineering, Race Marque Systems, Munkywurks Garage and Priam's Automotive Service. He built the turbo kit, roll cage, and suspension on the Scion-GReddy FR-S drift car driven exclusively in the Formula-D 2012 season. He's also designed and fabbed turbo kits and performance parts for the Lamborghini, Ferrari and the R35 GT-R. He designed and fabricated exhaust systems for GReddy and has designed and fabricated performance parts for all of the companies listed above. Aaron is already proving to be a great asset to our company and we have already started utilizing his talents on a big single GT42R Supra in our shop.

Joey's product assembly duties will be picked up by ChrisK and Aaron temporarily until we hire a product assembly technician.

In addition, we've worked out a partnership with DOC Race who worked all weekend in our shop to complete the HPF 335i single turbo kits with the new twin scroll manifold. The 335i will be up and running very very soon and we will be taking the BMW 335i to the same level we took the E46 M3 to.

We also have several companies that are now designing and building parts for us. All of this new manpower is very exciting. Josh and I have shifted our focus to bringing more high quality HPF products to market in a much quicker fashion and improving our processes internally so we can do a better job with our core business. I love change and am looking forward to the next race season as well. This year you will see both HPF M3's at many events and they will only be getting faster.


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