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Your greater concern since you reside in California is: what brand/maker/manufacturer of catalytic converters are you installing after your headers in the Section 1 position of the exhaust in order to pass the bi-annual Smog Testing requirements. The $350 dollars you have set aside will not be enough, unless of course you have a set of cats, but by the content of your post, I'm guessing the issue of passing emissions has not been vetted by you. About cats that will straight away bolt on like the stock Section 1 allowing you to pass emissions testing are Supersprint Cats, Euro/CSL cats, and the Section 1 fabbed by Custom Performance - from CP, you can choose 200 or 400 CPI cats.

As for the matter of rasp, headers will make little difference in the exhaust sound. Eliminating the rasp is done by adding resonators in the Section 1, or buying something like a Supersprint Section 2, which will also do the job.
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