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That's what I thought too but in researching it seems most do not have as big a big range as I thought, e.g., PSS lists 30 to 50 mm drop (1.0 - 1.75 inches)' KW v1 40 to 75 mm drop, h&r 1.0 - 2.75 inches. Also they all list 1.0 inches as the minimum drop. Sport is supposed to be about 15 mm (0.6 ") lower than non-sport. Ground control adapters are listed at 0 - 1.75 inches, but so far they are the only thing I see that s capable f being raised up to stock height if you want to. I am not interested in slamming the car; I just want to be able to go from a moderate drop (ProKit) to stock sport/ZHP height.

If I can't do that little bit of adjustment why bother with coilovers? There are plenty of posts on how low they'll go but nothing on how high!

Anybody have PSSs or others raised to close to stock height in winter, etc.?
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