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Ok so i have been very nervous about buying this car, so i asked the guy to drive it for an extended period yesterday and this is what i have found.
-after driving the car for about and hour there was a ton of wet black "dust" on the rear bumper that came from the exhaust. looked like oil.
-there was a bit of a tick, or a scratchiness from the supercharger belt. SOrry about the explantation, just doesn't seem right, probably needed replaced.
-Brakes felt a little odd and kind of rumbled when hit hard.
-my dad was behind me and stated when i accelerated hard, thick black smoke came from the exhaust.
-the air/fuel meter read everything from 10.2-14.6 and was constantly changing. Ive never had one but I'm sure thats normal (the changing). It was around 11-12 when WOT.

What are yalls thoughts?? As of right now i have pulled out of the purchase, but i did get the guy down to 8300

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