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Originally Posted by Ynot View Post
Only reason why I never got it. I have all my music and contacts on my removable microsd card. It's nice to have, should be standard on all phones.

In my view, with 64gb, who needs removable storage?

Originally Posted by jeffro3000 View Post
Hopefully all this 1080p business will light a fire under Samsung's feet and get them moving faster on finding a more efficient organic LED for their amoled screens. Pentile is looking more dated by the day.

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Yup, the S3's screen is not up to snuff. Look at the test with the DNA, One X and iPhone 5. Especially the text rendering shot.

The One-X+ is easily my favorite (as an iPhone user) Android Phone.

Originally Posted by Jaymalls View Post
dont listen to these fuQ faces... just go to a junk yard and get a used complete left rear end. i cracked my left rear control arm on the highway because i was driving w/o shocks... lol! ***Was too busy caking on these bitches instead of taking care my car!***
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