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Originally Posted by DenverSooner View Post
Correct oil, being the Castrol Synthetic 5w-30? Do you really think there is a difference between that and Mobil 1. From what I have read, Mobil 1 is better in all aspects than the Castrol of the same value. Just asking because the consesus on this forum is that Mobil 1 over Castrol is the way to go.
I used M1 5W30 for a while with the same issue. Switched to M1 0W40 and issues went away. I now run either that or Castrol 0W30 and haven't looked back. FWIW, I find that the Castrol 0W30 does make the car run a little smoother (maybe it's in my head) but I just use whichever of the two happens to be on sale at the time.

If you've replaced all the usual suspects and haven't noticed errors in your work, change the oil you use.

At 133k, your engine should not be showing any signs of wear. When you did the VCG, did you notice any sludge issues? Do you change your oil by gravity drain or vacuum pump?

Also, when you changed your CCV did you change all the hoses and such at the same time or just the CCV unit itself?

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