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Thanks for the response guys! I will try switching oil at this next change. I'm not sure about using 0w year round as I live in Colorado; mild to cold winters, hot summers.

There was some sludge when I did my VCG, though according to my indy shop guy, nothing out of the ordinary. I change oil by gravity drain, pulling the drain plug. I changed out the entire CCV and hoses. Of interesting note is that when I changed the CCV, I started getting the famous honk sound on start up, where as with my old CCV, I never did have the sound. I only changed the CCV because I did the OFGH and found that the return line down to the dipstick tube was cracked and leaking, so I swapped out the entire system for a new one.

I keep editing my posts too...but its because I am having a hard time typing after nearly cutting off the end of my middle finger with a kitchen knife the other day. It's nice and bandaged up, but doesn't fit well between the keys on my keyboard.

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