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Originally Posted by e46alfonso View Post
Having the same issue and i'm certain that the play is from the diferential not the transfer box (as it moves freely).
I have replaced the front diff and yet still have the play. Dont really understand why the diff gears would have any slack.
All standard gear systems have slack no matter what and have a relatively short lifespan compared to helical gears. Standard gears are found in your TC and diffs. Helical gear systems have very little slack and a very long useable life (if serviced properly), these are found in your transmission.

Originally Posted by 325xittt View Post
K - I've never had the TC torn down, I assume that the output flange has a splined shaft where it mates up with the gear inside, if so could the splines be worn out. Any chance you could post some pictures of the internals.

its looking like I'll be replacing the TC soon. Maybe I'll try and rebuild one of them. Anyone have any ideas where to get parts for the inside, I haven't stumbled on a source yet? Or does anyone have a good used TC they could part with for a good deal.
Do you hear or feel anything out of the ordinary? How did you discover this issue?

You can have a bearing failure that can result in lateral movement. If you say that it's less than 3-4mm of movement, then it could very well be that the bearing failed. This could be a cheap fix if it is what failed. Only way to tell for sure is by pulling it and checking it out.

If you are going to find a good TC, why would you swap all the good parts to a different housing instead of just installing the whole TC...?
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