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Originally Posted by 2000_328CI View Post
What amazes me is what shell out their money (or parents' money) to learn.

NYU students paying 60k a year for a degree in Spanish or English or History or _________. If you're not going to school for an ROI, perhaps it's best to take a few years off, enter the working world via an entry level job, and piece together what you want to do... THEN go back to school with motivation, intent, and a bigger picture.

High schoolers today look at college as a time to move out from their parents, live on their own (which basically translates to live irresponsibly), and lose their virginity (if it's still there). That's NOT a valid reason to send the nation into record levels of debt.

As for "the value of a school", it's in the classmates not the text books. If you're surrounded by top tier piers (say Yale or Harvard), you're likely going to be exposed (both in the classroom and in your dormroom) to very high level thought processes, conversations, social networks, etc.. THAT is worth the money (and is why people go back for MBAs). To risk sounding snoody, the odds that you receive that at a run-of-the-mill private college are lower... If you're school isn't listed in the Forbes, USA Today, or other outlets "top 200 schools" you're wasting your money if you're not attending a very skill-specific university/college or a state school. Why would anyone in Maryland attend a rando private university when the University of Maryland has top rated business schools and other programs? That's just dumb (and yet, THOUSANDS do it every year)
Do you mean snooty?

How does spending parent's money send the nation into debt?
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