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Originally Posted by dreamdrivedrift View Post
A lot of you are emphasizing the importance of college as a series of classes rather than the entire experience of college. What is most important as some of you have stated, is how one chooses his course through college. Obviously, partying all day/night is one way to go, but there are certain institutions that this is more likely to happen and certain institutions that you can more easily build a highly-motivated/dedicated friend group. A difference in environments goes a long way into shaping individuals.

Secondly, I can say that I have a bunch of friends doing Harvard/Stanford/MIT/etc JD/PhD/MD, and that I'm certain it would have been harder to find friends of "this caliber" had I gone to a state school. Of course, it takes a certain type of person to appreciate this value, though this appreciation is something that can also be developed.

Lastly, a lot of stronger college friendships are made during the first few years of college when everybody is living together. I would not have my future kids go to CC and then a regular college if I am able to pay for their four years or if they can pay for the four years without incurring a significant amount of debt.

I guess I take issue with your assumptions

(1) I have a friend circle of PhD/MD's/JD/Engineers. None went to a private college.
(2) I'm still in my undergrad, through a mix/match of public uni and community college (cheaper to take classes there and transfer in)
(3) I demand my kids go to CC , THEN to Uni...there's no point in paying all that money for a class you can take for 1/4th the cost. GF went on an athletic scholarship so she doesn't care, my company is paying for it and I still go the cheap route - but If I am paying for it - they will do it the cheap route, go to school, and work. I'm not paying all that money for room/board/tuition/beer when they could of gone down the street for the exact same credit.

What's funny is a lot of these guys are MBA's, they are the top few percent of Atlanta. Hanging around rich kids doesn't expose you to a "higher level through process" - it exposes you to a more sheltered one.

I am of the opinion that you should ride public transit, expose yourself to AS MUCH of our culture as you can to better round your opinions...this idea that Yale = they have better arguments I find retarded - they are mostly cut from the same cloth.

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