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Originally Posted by Wolrab View Post
Is it the original DISA? How much $$$ in remaining DISA life are you saving, going to all this trouble not to destroy it? Maybe not much.

I don't think I'd pull the intake manifold to avoid hacksawing through an 11 year old DISA.
Its not about the cost, its about the time Worlab. I checked the DISA about 6 months ago and thats when I stripped the screw. The valve was just as tight it should be.
If it was money then, taking the intake manifold out would be cheaper because the gasket is around $70 vs new DISA for $200. And I dont have any leaks in the intake manifold. I'd like not to disturb the manifold as it is perfectly fine.
If the DISA comes out looking bad, I'd certainly change it.

All I want to know is the best way to get that stripped screw out. There is still the same amount of work needed to remove the screw even if I hacksaw the DISA out as the screw will still be sitting in the same hard to reach location.

Originally Posted by klax View Post

Yeah, a small grinding attachment on your Dremmel.
Thanks, I will try that. I need to take care of the OFHG and CCV before it gets too cold to work on the car.
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