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Originally Posted by trj View Post
Yah, most probably because you are using the unapproved oil. Just switch to castrol edge 0w30 or Mobil 1 0w40 and see if you still loose oil. Or take it to dealership for $80 oil change. It comes almost to that total anyway with filter and your time.

Thanks for the offer on helping me out man. I have a DISA bolt stripped, thats what has been stopping me from getting anywhere near the OFHG and CCV. Once I get that out I will contact you. Also, I might have to borrow your driveway, no garage in my apartment complex and people look at me weird when I am working on the car in the parking lot. Happened when I did the oil change and fuel filter change a couple of weeks ago, lol

I have a lot of parts to replace but the lack of place and tools are holding me. FCABs, RTABs, RSMs, CCV, OFHG, belts, exhaust CPS, intake boots, etc.. etc.. etc.. My girlfriend is already mad at me because of the parts laying around in our apartment. She says, why do you buy it if you are not going to replace them.

I was finally able to change the fuel filter last week. At least one thing is off the Checklist.
No problem. I'm not sure about a solution to your stripped DISA bolt, but once you get that figured out, hit me up. I have just about everything I can think of, tool-wise, and a garage. Also, being former military, I have access to the DIY garage down at the Air Force Academy, which has a lift. I'll be using that soon for my transmission fluid swap.

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