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Originally Posted by NOVAbimmer View Post
the biggest thing to learn in any kind of liberal arts degree, and what universities should focus on in those degrees towards the end of the program, is marketing. How to sell yourself as more than a basket weaver, a historian, an political scientist, etc etc etc.

If you walk into a company and say "I'm a political scientist, give me a job" they're going to laugh at you and tell you they don't need a political scientist. If, however, you learned some valuable skills as a political science major, such as research, analysis, synthesis, how to process and evaluate disparate information sources into a concise summary, how to write (because God knows too few college graduates know how to do this basic task), and can translate those into a picture of how you are valuable to a company, finding a job is not nearly as hard as it may seem. The problem is that liberal arts majors walk out into the world with plan A, then can't understand why people aren't lining up to give them jobs.

An engineering degree spells out to the world exactly what kind of value you can potentially bring. A mechanical engineering major can fill a mechanical engineering job. A chemistry major can fill a chemists job. A liberal arts degree, well, again, you need to be able to market yourself.
I was given the budget to expand my team and have worked with our company's recruiter to evaluate a number of rather qualified candidates.. and I'm SHOCKED at the lack of fundamental writing skills from applicants. This is a late 20's, college educated individual applying to work in sales (where communication is key) :

Originally Posted by Applicants cover letter/resume
Below is a simple back ground explanation about me.

...including details on certain clients and examples on how the software would be useful and benefit them as a company or government entity.

...different perspective on how the work environment is.

He has explained again more on the company’s goals and initiatives for the foreseeable future.
Now perhaps my catholic boys' school emphasized this skill-set more than most.. but how can a college grad (and semi-experienced professional) put together statements like the above to a potential employer?

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