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Originally Posted by cowmoo32 View Post
A lot of commodities traders have zero formal education, so yeah, I would be quick to disregard anything they have to say regarding the sciences. Just because a person trades stocks and writes a blog does not mean they have even the slightest insight to any formal science. And even if it was someone with formal math training such as a quant, I would still take what they have to say with a HUGE grain of salt. They may understand some higher level math but that doesn't qualify them to speak on physics. Finance is not a science, and if you've read any history of financial analytics then you'll know that some very intelligent people failed at attempting to treat it as such.
I answered your question. I did not say that traders were scientists.

I put these ideas and videos out there to expand people's thinking a little bit. Just because your society says one thing does not mean it is correct. Some cultures have unbroken verbal chains of knowledge going back thousands of years. 95% of westerners dont even know a damn thing about their grandparents a few generations back or where their families came from...Heritage has been all but whiped from modern society and then we shun the people around the world that have kept their heritage and we call them "primitive" or "tribal" as if they are some lesser being with no real knowledge. What if it's the other way around?

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