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Originally Posted by ode2joy View Post
No on the wheels, I have OEM style 44's (shown in my sig), but I am about to do the CCV kit update. Is it possible my clogged up CCV system could cause MPG issues? I have no vacuum leaks, but I know my CCV system is totaled, I can see it and smell the burnt oil. BTW, I'm also doing the valve cover gasket and OFHG to rule out any of the other common oil leaks.

I do have a Yakima/Thule roof rack with a wind deflector, but my mileage was the same before I added that on.

In my experience, I suffered 2-3mpg with a roof rack, however, it didn't have the wind deflector on there so not sure how much of a difference that makes. I normally carry my custom modifed aluminum roof racks in the trunk if I ever need them but I tend to not leave them on.

CCV would have a negligible effect on your mileage IMO unless you had some badly ruptured hoses in the first place.

Really, you are about avg in city ,and highway mileage can simply be due to your roof rack.
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