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Originally Posted by tech9018 View Post
Did not check the belts as I figured such a minor item would not prohibit me from
purchasing the car, as cosmetically it appeared very nice. My fault for not putting these things high on the list of priorities. You can be sure I am now well on my way to becoming a quasi-mango in regards to maintaining and reconditioning my car. Slowly but surely. I'm currently focused on fixing the rough idle/CEL and getting the suspension redone. Beyond that we'll see.
Belts wouldn't prohibit me from purchasing a car, but I'd want to know their condition before driving off with it. $30 and a couple hours can fix worn belts.

I highly recommend the following for suspension:

Steering guibo

Freshened my car right up. Every one of these was completely shot on my 2004 with 67k miles.
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