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Originally Posted by casino is no lie View Post
That example is more analogous with cruise control.

I dare you to find any pilot of any modern plane, or perhaps in this case something a little more high performance (ex., F-22, F/A-18, F-35, F-15, etc.) and tell them that simply because their planes have nice fly-by-wire systems that it doesn't mean it shouldn't be nice to fly them with mechanical/manually operated flight control systems.

And you call yourself a pilot?
Hah I'll happily do that. The jet I fly has a brake by wire system and it's absolutely atrocious, I wouldn't wish it upon anyone. There's still a great many aircraft out there which function hydraulically, hell the A-10 still uses cables! Ask someone who's flown a Boeing or Embraer and then an airbus which they prefer, you'll get a consistent answer every time.

An effective autopilot system includes you in the control process, allowing as much or as little adjustment of its flight path and characteristics as the pilot chooses. With a fully automated system like the BMW uses, you don't have that option. What if I'm on one of the many incredibly steep hills of San Francisco and want to hold the parking brake to ease the load on the clutch? You can't, shy of left foot braking and hoping the computer doesn't get disgruntled.
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