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Is there a way to visually inspect the CABs by just jaking up the car? I was considering a PPI, but i can't decide if it's really necessary since the coolant system was overhauled this year and I will be most likely replacing the entire suspension, and draining and replacing all fluids within the next few months.

There are no leaks, and fluids checked out. I'll check out the trunk and shock tower later today.

Not really sure I understand what you mean by seeing if it tracks... but I kept my ears pried for any sounds and hear nothing other than that slight fan noise. Not spitting out any codes.

It's a 2001 330i, 99k miles. It was in an accident in '04 and declared a slavage, motor was replaced in '09 so it is considered "rebuilt" and the new motor only has 50k miles on it. The thing is I am getting this car for pretty cheap so I am not opposed to spending a bit of money on it over the next half year or so to bring it to tip top shape.
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