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Originally Posted by Tampa02e46 View Post
^Yea I've played with ISFW and he does roll with some good dudes.

LOL @ people saying the game sucks not even 48 hours into it being released.

There is always a learning curve for a new game... Once you get used to the maps and know where to stay away from and where the "head-hider" spots are, it will feel just like BO1.

For multiplayer, here are some things about this game I see being an issue:

-Lightning strike scorestreak WAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY too overpowered and doesn't warn you nearly soon enough to take cover.
-Knifing BLOWS, Still.
-Can't equip flakjacket till lvl 32...WTF!
-No weapon I've found has the hipfire strength and accuracty of the famas or Aug from BO1
-No slight of hand
-knifing a turret does not destroy it, also little rover tank is WAY too armored. I put 4 mags into it with a M27 and it still didn't kill it.

Some things I like about multiplayer:

-Feels like BO1. Good movement and hit-markers seem to be on point.
-Love the complete customization of class, double primary weapon wildcard is awesome!
-SHOCK charges! Love this new tactical device.
-Format of lobby is MUCH better. You can join a lobby WITH people in your current party all together at once.
-killstreaks/scorestreaks are based on points now, not on kills.
-Kill confirmed is back. FVCK campers!
-Domination still shows "captures" in the after action report. Yes, I will bitch if you have 0 captures and a 5.0 KD
-"engineer" perk lets you re-roll care packages

they are on to me -_-
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