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Originally Posted by youngs View Post
Thank you sunsetcoast.

Originally Posted by avincent52 View Post
Seven more words for you: Please Let Me Speak To Your Supervisor

Your tone is important. Don't get angry or frustrated. Stay professional, and be *nice* to the adjuster.
I had a relative who used to say, "You catch more flies with honey than with vinegar". I never understood why someone would want to catch flies...

Be pleasant and professional. Professional means having your ducks in a row, staying calm, and using the specific relevant terms of their business. (If you don't post in the "ask an adjuster" thread, talk with your agent to make sure you clearly understand the situation from the business angle and get suggestions about how to proceed. The agent may even know how the other company operates and provide valuable insight. Be solid on this before talking with the other company's adjuster again.) Unless you are dealing with dirt-bags (while possible, most people are not), it can go a long way.

One approach is asking the supervisor for help in this matter because you've been unable to get the adjuster to understand your concerns. This way, you don't put the adjuster in a bad light and you've stroked the supervisor before stating your case. If there is a bit of resistance, you might even be able to help the supervisor understand that this should be an easy fix. Just note that you aren't asking for a new unit: you have already agreed to a used part. The labor is minimal. And know your bottom line. You might even be happy, for example, to split the difference: they buy the headlight and you'll install.

Don't get caught up in what seems fair to you. Their only obligation is what they are legally required to do...and they have a fiduciary responsibility to the company.
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