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Honestly, I know to each their own... but for those that rather have a E46 M3 modded, etc. over an exotic car are funny. You say you want to have the rarity and unique touch to the car you build but at the end of the day production cars like that are a dime a dozen. Go to a car meet, there are modded cars like yours everywhere!

But when you drive an exotic car, e.g. 458 Italia, F430, Gallardo, Aventador, GT3, Aston Martin, Massarti, Bently, Rolce Royce, Audi R8, Ford GT, SLS... there are a lot of engineering that goes into them. Yes, anyone can get them but they are MUCH more rare/unique then your modded E46 M3. That is a fact. Plus for those people that give crap for driving that car for status and attention, well yes, thats what they are for. lol. To some people that is important to be able to remind themselves they "made it" and are "successful"... and thats not shallow or anything.

Like I said before, I take an exotic car that has ridiculous amount of engineering/time put into it to make sure the car is perfectly made for what it is. I think a lot of people here are underestimating the amount of testing and engineering that go into these exotic cars!
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