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Originally Posted by DenverSooner View Post
No problem. I'm not sure about a solution to your stripped DISA bolt, but once you get that figured out, hit me up. I have just about everything I can think of, tool-wise, and a garage. Also, being former military, I have access to the DIY garage down at the Air Force Academy, which has a lift. I'll be using that soon for my transmission fluid swap.
Great, thanks man. I wish I had access to the lift, that would make things so much simpler. I am going to try dremel the head off the bolt or else, just cut the DISA itself if dremel doesnt work and get a new DISA valve.

PS: I applied for army, but had to decline the MOS's they offered me on the enlistment day. Not being a citizen, I didnt get anything that requires security clearance despite having a degree and offered E4 with ASVAB score enough to get any job I wanted. I was looking for computer programming and database MOS's. Every job related to IT requires clearance, even connecting cables
I wish I could be in the US military with a job I am qualified for(education and experience wise).
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