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Originally Posted by RayPooley View Post
Ok. First of all stop what you are doing and leave it until you have a plan. The DISA is plastic and if you slip and cut a hole in it you may be knackered.
What do we know?

This screw is an 18 mm long screw with a knackered head. Now I don't know who last put it back in place but, being a screw, I would imagine not a lot of torque was used in putting it back. Not a lot is required. So what we are talking about is getting some kind of purchase on what's left of the head (maybe you should talk to a dentist. They are good at this sort of thing. ) Joke. I'll be back in a minute or two.
I was the one who put the screw there last time. And I am the one who stripped it with T30 when I tried to remove it to change the lower intake boot.

I have been visiting that bolt every time I open the bonnet and thinking what should I try next.
The only options now is to shave the bolt head off and remove the DISA, then remove the screw with a set of pliers or break the DISA with hacksaw and continue the same with pliers or remove the intake manifold to gain more access to the screw to use the extractor.

Will have to stop by the hardware store to get the small grinding bits to shave the head off that stupid screw.
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